Here I am

wish I was a dancer and that I've never heard of cancer.

Sometimes, I find its better to keep myself busy. Its better then letting my thoughts and worries eat away at my sanity. Then  when i slow down for a minute, I wonder how much longer I can do this. Handling obstacles with a good composure is impossible, and probably wont last much longer.

I heard this song on CBC radio this morning and I’m OBSESSED already. 

I don’t understand people’s love for Che Guevara. I understand that he wanted a to change the world, but he did this through murder. He wanted the Cuban revolution to end in an atomic war. The man was filled with hate. There are about 180 documented victims of his, he was a cold blooded murder machine.  I’m not an expert on him, but I do know enough that this man told his mother in a letter that he would squish Jesus Christ like a worm if he had the chance. I don’t see the hero in that. I find him a vary scary man, and I do not understand all the praise he gets. 

dear all the pretty girls;

i hope you’re beautiful, big eyes are ripped out. and your perfect blonde hair catches on fire. maybe you’ll get some flesh eating disease. I hope all of your friends get sick of your humor and witty charm, and leave you. 

I’m fairly annoyed right now.

the earth is the head of god. god is fire in the head. i am alive as long as i have a fire in my head. my pulse is an earthquake. i am an earthquake.

Freddie Mercury plays such a great Nijinsky. 

This is such a cool dance!